Students get 50% off First Year of Squarespacespace!

squarespace for students

Students can now get  a 50% off discount on their first year of Squarespace! For less than $5 per month, you can have your very own Squarespace site! However, you must have a school email address. (eg.

As far as I can tell, it’s only for college students right now and some colleges are not in their system yet. But there is an option to send them your school info so they can add it to their database. Click here for more info!

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10 Comments on "Students get 50% off First Year of Squarespacespace!"

  1. Emma says:

    Why are you still giving these people free advertisement? They cancelled their referral?!

    • Holly says:

      Although I appreciate your concern(?) Emma, I don’t require a referral or kickback for products I like. And to be clear, I’m still an affiliate with Squarespace. True enough, I DON’T get anything for students that sign up for the 50% off plan (only the regular full price plans). However, I’m always about some good karma and hope some college students can now maybe afford their own website that otherwise would cost too much. Hope that clears things up :)

  2. Rob says:

    Amazes me how students always get discounts, these are the people who don’t have bills to pay because mummy and daddy pay them, they don’t have to go to work and earn their money, and they don’t have crap to deal with in life. Instead they sponge of society and they get all the discounts.

    Why the hell don’t parents get discounts, after all they are the ones who lose 100,000′s bringing up their little sods.

    • Holly says:

      Quite the generalization Rob. Although I’m sure your analysis applies to some students, I think there are at least a few students who are paying their way, and working their butts off. And as old folks, we have to take some of the responsibility on the state of things we’ve left for them. But let’s also be real. Companies give students discounts for all different kinds of reasons…the least of which are purely altruistic. They have large social networks and giving students breaks now, may ensure they keep using your product for years to come.

    • Marina says:

      oh dear! I’m completely on my own as a student. My parents don’t help with school or bills! The reality is that it is very hard and I’m very broke!

  3. beedum says:

    Can we talk about how squarespace also forces them into a yearly contract for that discount. I say forces because student discounts only apply to yearly contracts and students then do not have the option to go back to the default pricing options which include a monthly one.

  4. Shu says:

    Hey I’m a student and was looking at this website and have been using the trial. I saw and read about the student discount but what do I do if my school isn’t listed on there? I opened up a ticket on their site asking how to do it but I haven’t had a response just yet so wondering if you may know if you’re still on this website.

    I would love to have the year contract that would be perfectly fine with me especially with the medium level plan.

    • Holly says:

      Your best bet is likely to be the “squeaky wheel” and keep asking if they have added your school. Honestly, I think it should be easy enough for them to verify that you’re a student as long as you have an edu address and then be more than willing to take your money. Good Luck! :)

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