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How to Direct a Squarespace 6 Social Link to your Facebook Fan Page

Squarespace 6 no Link to fan page meme

Social Links and Facebook Fan Pages

UPDATE: 11/2012
Squarespace has finally fixed this issue!!
You can check out the official Squarespace Help Documentation on it here.

Currently, Squarespace6 is directing Facebook social icon links to everyone’s personal Facebook page without the option to choose a fan page instead. This tutorial will give many of you a workaround until Squarespace fixes this issue. Some templates will work better (or at least easier to carry out) than others.

Praise Jesus we have Squarespace6 Read-me Pages!

Squarespace Qubert Theme Readme Page

The angels have come down from heaven and finally blessed us with Read Me Pages.

Read Me Pages?” you ask. “What the heck are you talking about Holly?! Have you gone mad!”

“Nope, I’ve gone happy!” I exclaim.

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Free Squarespace 6 Trial for Everyone!


Free Squarespace 6 Trials | From Beta to Preview

I was able to start a Squarespace 6 trial today without an invite! Yeah! The signup process is very similar to v5 in that all you need to enter is- your name, email address, and subdomain to create a website. I just happen to be in the process of updating the Squarespace 6 template directory  (errr, in all the excitement I’m still “in the process” of updating…so give me a bit to get the new stuff up please!) with the new theme variations and decided I’d go ahead and check out progress of the sign-up page. Lo’ and behold, I was able to create a new Squarespace 6 website. I even tested it out on another browser just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. So get cracking everyone!

 Free Squarespace 6 Trial for Everyone! photo

(ad links to new squarespace 6 website)

 Free Squarespace 6 Trial for Everyone! photo

They’ve also made the Squarespace 6 Video Tutorials available. You can check them out below to see how to get started!
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Squarespace Tutorial | Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin by Analytics 7


Google Analytics Plugin

I’ve just found a really cool Google Analytics Plugin for Squarespace users to view web analytics directly from a dashboard within your website. It’s super simple to install and should work for any Squarespace subscription plan. Up to 50,000 pageviews per month is free. Also note, you must have the Google Analytics Code (or if using v6, see this Squarespace 6 Google Analytics Help Doc) already embedded in your website. You will want the asynchronous version and although Squarespace recommends placing the code in the footer, you will get better accuracy pasting in the head. (This is different from the stats program included within Squarespace.)
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The First Todo For Any New Squarespace User


Starting a brand new website on any platform can be overwhelming. However, there a couple of tasks that every new Squarespace user should check off their todo list before diving in to the content and design customization.
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