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Google Adsense for Content

Most of us know how to manually cut and paste Adsense code into our blog posts. But there are a couple of other options that may appeal to those who don’t have time, the patience, or in my case too lazy to want to mess with it. Truth is, I hate it and think it “uglies” up a website, but this isn’t a discussion on aesthetics. I get it though, some of us need to at least make enough money online and get our monthly Squarespace subscription plan covered. So first, let’s get the basics out of the way.

Google Adsense 101

  1. Go sign yourself up for Google Adsense at If you just started a blog, you may want to wait a few months as they do have to approve you based on some not so clear requirements.
  2. Read up a bit on their TOS and how to make an ad. This tutorial assumes you’ve figured most of it out, and now have yourself a new ad code all ready to paste into your website.

add adsense with html widget 275x201 Using Google Adsense in Squarespace Part 1 photoThe two most common ways that I’ve seen Adsense incorporated in a Squarespace website is either in the side bar using an Html Widget or pasted manually in a post using Raw-HTML or clicking the little cog wheel (code) option. I’ve included a couple of images here in case you haven’t tried this yet.

2012 04 18 1746 550x202 Using Google Adsense in Squarespace Part 1 photo

Paste Code using Code (cog) button or Raw-HTML

adsense insert code block 550x392 Using Google Adsense in Squarespace Part 1 photo

center adsense block1 550x332 Using Google Adsense in Squarespace Part 1 photo

Select the Code Blocks and Center Align

Adsense in a Column or Sidebar

A couple of advantages to adding Google Adsense in a sidebar or column is that you only have to add it once, but you can also use selective display to only include it on certain pages. This can make it easier to test how different ad sizes and colors work best on your site. To use selective display you will need to create a new section just for your Adsense html widget. (You can only use selective display options with a section) To see an example of Selective Display in action, visit the test page on my personal Squarespace website here. You will only be able to see the skyscraper banner on this page.
new adsense section Using Google Adsense in Squarespace Part 1 photo
selective display section Using Google Adsense in Squarespace Part 1 photo
2012 04 18 1842 550x326 Using Google Adsense in Squarespace Part 1 photo

Using Code Injection for Adsense

Another common placement for your Adsense code might be in any of the code injection points. However, the ads will appear on every page of your website so make sure you understand how it will look on every page including your galleries and contact pages. Below is a Squarespace wireframe infographic I made a while back to help me know where to locate all those code injection points. It’s accurate for the most part.

sq wireframe2 436x600 Using Google Adsense in Squarespace Part 1 photo

Squarespace Wireframe Infographic for Code Injection

Now that we got the basics down, tomorrow you’ll want to check out Part 2 of using Adsense. I’ll show you how to use HTML Code Snippets to display your ads automatically at the beginning of all your posts and align them so it doesn’t push down your content. I’ll also show you how to only display the banners when viewing an individual post, while keeping your home and index pages not only less cluttered, but keep you within the following Google guidelines:

Currently, AdSense publishers may place up to three AdSense for content units on one webpage. You may also place a maximum of three link units and two search boxes on each webpage.

Official Squarespace Help Docs

If you are not a Squarespace user yet, but want to see how easy it is to include Adsense or really any kind of ads in a website, why not click here to sign up for a free 2 week trial of Squarespace?! All you need is an email address to get started (no credit card info required!). If you decide to stick around, you can use promo code GIMME10 to get 10% off your subscription!

300x2503 Using Google Adsense in Squarespace Part 1 photo
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