Giveaway: Win a One Year Free Squarespace Subscription!

Squarespace Space Giveaway

To celebrate the one year anniversary release of Squarespace 6, Squarespace Plugins is giving away a 1 year STANDARD subscription to Squarespace 6! There are a ridiculous number of ways to enter, so grab a cup of coffee and get started! A winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday, August 7, 2013!

For those of you not familiar with Squarespace, you can take a tour and Sign up for a free 2 week trial here (no credit card required, only a name and email address!). Then check out the Squarespace Templates Directory here. It will give you an idea of how each template is geared- whether it be for business, a personal blog, or a portfolio.

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I’ve also started reviewing each template on its own for a more extensive rundown of specific features which you can view within the Template Reviews category.

GOOD LUCK Everyone!

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42 Comments on "Giveaway: Win a One Year Free Squarespace Subscription!"

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I would move one of my blogs back over to Squarespace!

  2. Sobia says:

    I will start a new blog.

  3. April Peter says:

    I would use the $10 a month to put toward marketing my business for a year!

  4. BJ says:

    I need an effective and clean way to present my printmaking portfolio. Squarespace would be perfect.

  5. Toni Vaughan says:

    I would move my blog to square space and stop using wordpress!

  6. gail says:

    i would tell everyone how amazing squarespace is and migrate my existing websites over. woohoo! hope i win.

  7. Geir Werner says:

    Been with Squarespace since 2005 and very happy. Have had some “sidesteps” with WordPress and Typepad, but always kept my mainsite on SQSP.

    I would start a new site for our philosphycafe – with blog and the other nice possibilities SQSP offers =)

  8. Amy McMahon says:

    I’d love to link a ‘sister’ blog to my current one…..have a unique style of presentation for each of my passions.

  9. Lourensia says:

    I currently have a Squarespace website and I love it!! I want to build another website for my graphic design but because of budget and time I just don’t get to it. So… it would be super super awesome if can get a year free subscription :D

  10. I would build a new website for St. John’s Preschool, moving them away from a website service that controls any coding and charges for it ($50 to copy and paste Google calendar code).

  11. Jerry Bernard says:

    I would finally get off my butt and put my design portfolio online the proper way instead of using these portfolio sites which give you free space as a teaser but aren’t worth a damn for the pay version.

  12. Marty Safir says:

    Could really update my partner’s website, The site was useful and engaging in its day, but that day was over 12 years ago. It uses Flash throughout and now you can’t even see the top nav on most tablet devices, smartphones, or desktops. Got to stash the Flash somewhere in a deep dark corner and create a beautiful Squarespace 6 site with updated content!

  13. Tracy Linne says:

    We would upgrade from SS5 so our customers could benefit from exciting new features in SS6.

  14. Linda says:

    I would use my free year of Squarespace to create a brand new website to market a new business I’m planning to start up this year.

  15. Wendy Savage says:

    I would keep on utilizing my website as I have been. Squarespace has a wonderful platform and is working wonderfully for everything I want to post. Thank you Squarespace!

  16. JohnC says:

    I would keep up the great experience I’ve been having since discovering Squarespace last year.

  17. Leah says:

    I’d move my Blogger blog to Squarespace! :D

  18. Will move another one of my websites to SS and open the path to really developing the usefulness of the site for the women’s empowerment project we are doing..

  19. Nicole says:

    I would start my long-overdue blog!

  20. Amy says:

    I would keep on trucking with my website on Squarespace. I love it!

  21. Shannon says:

    I would use my web site for marketing my art portfolio and selling art. I would write and illustrate a daily blog about my life as an artist: my ideas, daily sketches, cartoons of people I see at the cafe etc. I would link my site/blog to small businesses in my area / supporting local business with free PR and also recommending Squarespace and way to expand their business and sell their wares, too. I would also reach out to sponsors for my blog and book publishers.

  22. Shannon says:

    I would use my web site / blog for PR…
    Writing stories about local businesses in my area…
    Linking my other networks and expanding my business with

  23. Mark Wilson says:

    I would use my web site as a portfolio to showcase my skills for potential freelance clients.

  24. Lindsey Wilson says:

    If I won a free year of Squarespace, I would launch my own freelance business and blog.

  25. Wolfgang says:

    I would move my photographers website to Squarespace if I would win

  26. Zeno says:

    I would jazz up my existing Squarespace 5 site for my law practice, and move it to one of the new templates. I love Squarespace because it works well for mobile browsers too, not just for desktop/laptop browsing!

  27. Paul says:

    I’d start a blog so I could leave my job and work for myself !

  28. Chris Waldron says:

    I would finally promote my design business online!

  29. Cecily Walker says:

    I’d build a gallery site for my library’s historical photos collection.

  30. Elan Morgan says:

    I would build a properly gallery for my design work and likely start that podcast I keep threatening to create!

  31. I would migrate my site/podcast to Squarespace and host it there instead of WordPress.

  32. Maurice Cherry says:

    I would work on creating Squarespace Themes!

  33. Dustin says:

    With my win, I would launch my newest photo project on a new squarespace site.

  34. Andrew Webb says:

    I would build a site with which to promote my portrait photography.

  35. Didi Jenning says:

    I would build my main site on Squarespace and have everything else (Tumblr, Twitter, G+) link to that site. I’d love to have a hub where I could publish there and the content automatically appears everywhere else.

  36. Rene says:

    I would finally, FINALLY get my portfolio together. I love your portfolio templates, Squarespace.

  37. Panagiotis Paraskevopoulos says:

    I will make an english version of my website.

  38. mustafa says:

    I would use as an e-commerce site for my design works.

  39. QL. O'Shea says:

    I have created a blog and have plans for an e-store. I am currently in college and could really use a free year of squarespace.

  40. TPS says:

    I would finally get my lifelong dream of having a successful fashion blog/ e-store! This would help me pay for college and give me great business experience.

  41. I would use it to make my existing squarespace sites SO much better. I’m excited about this and I want to make use of your tools no matter whether I win them or not.

  42. I would use it to continue expanding my Canine Community Reporters News website where Dog’s Report the Local News from their perspective. It’s a website to help support Animal Rescue Groups. We could sure use it.

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