Devlin: New Blog Template Review

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Squarespace released another template today in the Blog Business category- Devlin.

Devlin is a classy template that is equally suited for blogs and small businesses. The bold header and footer in Devlin help hold simple content in a clean, solid frame.

However, Devlin reminds me of the Five and Dovetail templates which are considered business themes. I’ll break down the unique elements of the Devlin theme below. If you discover something else that makes Devlin special, please let us know in the comments!

The Breakdown

  • Demo: Devlin Demo Site
  • Readme: Devlin Readme Page
  • Template Category: Blog Business
  • Sidebars: Global, Per Page Option- Right, Left, None
  • Banners: Default and Per-page Banner Option
  • Footer: Full-width, global
  • Page Options: Folder, Link, Page, Blog
  • Promoted Blog Posts: No (tested image and gallery)

Folder Navigation

Pages included within a Folder are displayed in a horizontal sub-navigation menu. With the style editor, you can choose unique colors for the subnavigation menu, but the typography, sizes, and spacing are the same as the main navigation.

devlin subnavigation 550x315 Devlin: New Blog Template Review photo

Devlin Folder Sub-navigation Menu


Devlin includes per page sidebar options, right or left (or none). It’s a single, global sidebar (whether right or left, it’s the same sidebar. There is not a unique left and right version) so unless you have some serious css chops to selectively display sections of the sidebar, your sidebar will be the same on all pages you choose to have one. Of course, if you need the appearance of unique sidebars, you can easily do this by having a fullwidth page and add content blocks stacked in a column.

Promoted Posts

For now, it seems that blog pages do not support promoted posts. I tested an image and gallery block and both appeared below the post’s title.


Footer Options 150x150 Devlin: New Blog Template Review photo

Footer Colors

Devlin has a couple more options than most templates when it comes to color choices. Looking at the demo, you will see these options used to the fullest with a dark background and unique text, link, and hover style options in the color editor. The footer is global and will appear throughout the entire site.


At least for now, there are only two settings included in the “Options” menu within the Style Editor:

  • Social Icon Styles (round, square, normal)
  • Hide Blog Post Author

I’m hopeful that more will be added. I find templates that offer more choices in this specific section of the Style editor make it easier to create a unique website, especially for those not wanting to mess with customizing CSS on their own.

Style Editor Menus

Devlin Examples

 Devlin: New Blog Template Review photo
 Devlin: New Blog Template Review photo

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16 Comments on "Devlin: New Blog Template Review"

  1. Raymond Duke says:

    I would love to see examples of what people do with this template. I also like how the newer templates are allowing for a thumbnail preview image of blog posts.

  2. Dylan Jones says:

    This caught me by surprise too, I do hope they get some more business templates out there soon. I think Five is the best one so far but Devlin does have some nice touches, I like the Sub Heading approach, that’s a useful feature.

    Incidentally, how did you create the Related Posts section on your website (I assume this is Squarespace right?).

    • Holly says:

      I agree. Five has the most options, but I DO like the subnavigation in Dovetail and Devlin. I wish they would just merge all the template options and make a mega-all-in-one-including-index-galleries-for-all template. Enough with piecemealing options. ;)

      Nope (gasp!). That’s the end goal, but read my about page to see why and how this site started. (Btw- there’s a great chrome plugin called “BuiltWith” that will tell you the technology used by any website) Related posts options for Squarespace include (in order of my personal preference): nRelate, Outbrain, and Linkwithin. You paste the code in Blog Settings > Advanced Tab > Post Blog Item Code injection. (Screenshot –

  3. Dylan Jones says:

    Thanks for sharing Holly, is that a v6 or v5 screenshot?

    • Holly says:

      That was v6. For v5, there are a couple of official helpdocs that may help – Linkwithin and Outbrain. And after looking at the outbrain code, it looks like you may just paste the js in the footer. You might try the html snippet in journal configuration as well. (screenshot for v5 – ) Let me know how it works out for you. I haven’t played with these related post options in a while, but I think the main issue I had was site speed and getting them to only show up on full posts. If I remember correctly, at least one of them was showing up on every page of the site (not just the blog).

  4. Dylan Jones says:

    Thanks Holly – by the way, what is this site? v5 or v6?

  5. Krystyn says:

    One nice design touch in Devlin is how the navigation is layered over the header image. By changing the transparency of the navigation background color, you can create a nice layered effect like the Serenity example.

    The footer is also full width with a background color style option, so you can create a footer similar to the one on

    • Holly says:

      Good point about the transparent navigation (here’s a screenshot for those needing to know where to adjust transparency –
      Krystyn – do you know if the social icons are working in this template? Looking at the Eli example, it appears to be in the footer? Someone on the forums was asking about this so I double checked myself and also couldn’t get them to display.

      • Ben Morrow says:

        Delvin is better than Five in this respect. You can add a Social Links block anywhere and it will use the logo icons. When viewing your page press the Pencil in the lower right to edit. Then hit a “+” on a section to add a block. Then go to the Social tab. Then select Social Links and add the username URLs to where you want them to go.

  6. TonyB says:

    I’m probably being dense here but I’d like to know how you achieve the color wash over the entire header image. Adjusting the navigation color transparency just changes the color at the very top and not across the header image.

  7. Jenna says:

    For Devlin experts out there….

    Any advice on making custom buttons or icons? For example, the bottom of the Squarespace website that was referenced earlier…there is a “get started” button. I’m looking to add custom buttons like “download” or “set up appointment”…but can’t find a built in solution. Any advice would be appreciated! Thank!

    • Holly says:

      Jenna, if I’m understanding correctly, you will need to use an html/code block. Find an image that looks like what you want and upload it with a clickable link.

  8. Sofia! says:

    Anyone knows how to change the background on DEVLIN?

    I’m so bad at CSS, any help would be lovely!

  9. elizabeth says:

    hi…how can i change text in the footer or hide it in devlin? thanks…

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